Tiquismiquis Hedgehog Pouches

Tiquismiquis Hedgehog

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Meticulous Quills

El jardinero moved the hedge this morning collapsing Sheila and Hammy’s beautiful burrow. Sheila was a slob, but so quick to find a new burrow and so very handy at moving their stuff before the Owl woke that Hammy was indebted to her.

Hammy stared at his many books dumped across the floor. His heart sighed. In exchange for all her hard work, Sheila insisted they organize the books by color like she’d seen on Pinterest. If they didn’t, she said she’d put her collection of antique watches on the shelves instead.

Hammy picked up Pride and Prejudice and shook his quills. Elizabeth Bennet had no business frolicking next to Ginsberg’s Howl. What did beat poets understand about Victorian manners?

The books made a beautiful rainbow against the back wall of the burrow…an ever-changing rainbow. Hammy smiled, furtively slipping Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in front of Howl.

Nobody knew time like books and nobody knew exacting organization like tiquismiquis Hammy.