Peace, Love, and Baby Bottle Toddler Tee

Peace, Love, Baby Bottle

Let there be peace on Earth and a few sweet baby get ups. 

Baby T-Shirt

Throw Pillow

Wall Canvas

Baby Bib

Baby Onesie

Ideal gifts for new parents, babies, toddlers, and insomniacs with children. 
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A quiet mew beckons me from sleep.


I warm the bottle.

Being awake at 2 in the morning, once meant a night of revelry. Now it’s all about you. You kick your legs in the air and waggle your chubby hands in your own beautiful revelry.

In a few hours, I’ll fly to Toronto. A day of meetings requiring a sharp mind. The smart choice is to make this quick and get some sleep. But who needs smart choices?

I snuggle you close as we rock as long as we want in the glider. My heart is full of love and peace.