Mixed Media and Acrylic Paintings

Stories and nature inspire my artwork. I use a variety of mediums to express what I've seen or heard. A single piece may include paper, water color, pastels, ink and acrylic.


If you see a piece that captures your eye, click Email Me and I can send you extra pictures or take additional pictures with paint swatches. 

I'm Not the Only One Lena Cox Studio.jpg

I'm Not the Only One

Original: Acrylic on canvas. 8"x10"

SOLD - Prints Available

The Sky My Spirit Circles In Lena Cox St

The Sky My Spirit Circles In

Original: Paper, ink, acrylic on canvas. 18"x18"

SOLD - Prints Available

Conch en Bleu Lena Cox Studio.jpg

Golden Spiral en Bleu 

Original: Paper and acrylic on canvas. 12"x12"

I Am the Blossom Lena Cox Studio.jpg

I Am the Blossom

Original: Acrylic and resin on canvas. 8"x10"

The Solution Lena Cox Studio.jpg

The Solution

Original: Acrylic on canvas. 36"x36"

A Man with Fox Clothing Lena Cox Studio.

​A Fox's Tale

Original: Paper and acrylic on watercolor paper. 11x14"

Staggering Lena Cox Studio.jpg


Original: Wax and ink on canvas. 9"x12"

SOLD - Prints Available

Blind Butterfly Lena Cox Studio Small.pn

Blind Butterfly

Original: Paper, feather, and acrylic on canvas board. 8"x8"

SOLD - Prints Available

Face the Wind-4.jpg

Face the Wind

Original: Acrylic paint on 14"x11"x 1/2" canvas

SOLD - Prints Available

Fox in the City-5-3.jpg

Fox in the City

Original: Fabric and acrylic paint on 18" x 18" x 1/2" stretched cotton

SOLD - Prints Available

Open Mind Full Heart Lena Cox Studio

Open Minds, Full Heart

Original: Acrylic paint on 8"x10" 5/8" canvas

A River Moving Lena Cox Studio.jpg

A River Moving

Original: Paper and acrylic on canvas. 8"x10"

SOLD - Prints Available

We Are Hope Lena Cox Studio.jpg

We Are Hope

Original: Fabric and acrylic on cotton. 18"x18". 

SOLD - Prints Available

Hop to It-6-4 smaller.jpg

Hop to It

Original: Acrylic paint on 12-1/8" x  23-5/8" x  1/4" wood

Mountain Dreams-8-3.jpg

Mountain Dreams

Original: Acrylic paint on 14"x1 1" canvas board

All About That Bass Lena Cox Studio.jpg

All About That Bass

Original: Acrylic on canvas. 18"x30"

Pig Lena Cox Studio.jpg


Original: Paper and acrylic on canvas board. 6"x8"



Original: Acrylic paint on 10" x 10"x 5/8" canvas

Bird on My Shoulder Original Painting

Bird on My Shoulder

Original: Acrylic paint on 12"x12" canvas board