Keep Calm ad Paci In Toddler Tee

Keep Calm & Diaper On

Keep Calm & Paci In

Wearable instruction manuals  for parents can be found on:

Diaper On Baby Bodysuit

Diaper On Baby T-shirt

Paci In Baby T-shirt

Paci In Bodysuit

Paci In Pacifier

Ideal gifts for new parents, parents-to-be, and first time babysitters who need a little extra instruction.
Shopping links lead you to Zazzle, a fine establishment for outfitting new parents and their cuties.

Parenting is Easy...

Yeah, yeah. Kids don’t come with instruction manuals. Who cares? Who needs one anyway?


Keep the diaper on. Keep the paci in. Then sit back and relax.


Parenting’s a breeze.*


Anecdotal research shows that people who compare raising dogs to raising children and definitely people who are desperately seeking to be grandparents (hi mom!) are most likely to utter these phrases.

These statements have not been verified people with young children.