Condoms are Cooler than Mini-Vans Orange Laptop Skin

Condoms Are Cooler

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Be Cooler

“Tonight’s the night,” Joyce said with a smile.

 “Let’s go.” I grabbed my car keys.

We pulled into a car dealership, drove past jeeps and luxurious sports cars, and stopped in front of a beige minivan. The side door of the minivan slid open exposing a bland interior dotted with cup holders. The saleswoman rattled on about gas mileage, LATCH anchors for infant car seats, and childproof fabric.

Joyce was speechless.

But if she was going to have sex, I wanted her to understand the consequences.

We left and dropped by a convenient mart before heading out to meet the guys.

Joyce skipped out of the store a minute later holding a three-pack of Durex high in the air, shouting “Condoms are cooler than minivans.”